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Performance „Dior in Moscow“

Premiere in 2016

Specific roles of being a Soviet woman and multiple roles of being a post-Soviet woman are analyzed in the performance Dior in Moscow, focusing on its transformation due to the Western experiences.


Human body is the place of tradition, communication and authenticity. It listens, tells and retells stories and every time forms the identity from the perspective of place and time. Dramaturgical line of the performance is based on Dr. Aneta Pavlenko's Socioeconomic Conditions and Discursive Construction of Women's Identities in Post-Soviet Countries (2002) and various interviews with elderly women from Czech Republic and Lithuania.






Authors of concept and choreographers: Agnija Šeiko, Ingrida Gerbutavičiūtė

Performers: Agnija Šeiko, Ingrida Gerbutavičiūtė

Composer: Antanas Jasenka

Scenographer: Sigita Šimkūnaitė

Video artist: Albena Baeva

Light designer: Povilas Laurinaitis

Producer: Goda Giedraitytė


Duration: 60 min


Dance company PADI DAPI Fish
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