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Dance performance "Prayers of a Silly Girl"

Premiere in 2010

O Lord, O Celestial Bridegroom, do not turn thy face from the confession of the most pitiful of thy handmaidens. I am lost. I'm drunk. I'm impure. What a life!


Arthur Rimbaud

Performance is based on art and philosophy of the 19th century. Creators of a performance were attracted by this period, because of its turning point in arts and social life, especially regarding the changing position of women status. Literally a dance is based on Arthur Rimbaud’s “Silly girl”, philosophically – on Friedrich Nietzsche’s ideas.   

History told by three dancers is actually an existence of one woman in space and time. Her story reflects broken inner mirror, which key – is a prayer. Drama of inner experiences is told in the performance through peculiar personal exorcism and all embracing waiting. 


Choreographer: Agnija Šeiko

Dancers: Beata Molytė, Aušra Krasauskaitė, Agnija Šeiko

Composer:  Giya Kancheli

Scenery, costumes and lights designer: Artūras Šimonis

Producer: Goda Giedraitytė



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