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Dance performance "No Space at the Parking Lot"

Premiere in 2012

 The performance presents a dialogue of two men – a son and a father. How to live through the results of manhood in your body? How to conceal that you have not succeeded with fulfillment of your masculine identity and conditions of your existence?

Agnija Šeiko was awarded for this performance as the best choreographer of 2012 with the “Golden Cross Stage Cross” – the highest Lithuanian award for theatre achievements.


 Choreographer: Agnija Šeiko

Dancers: Petras Lisauskas, Darius Berulis/ Marius Pinigis

Scenographer: Artūras Šimonis

Music: Gus Loxbo

Producer: Goda Giedraitytė

Trailer: - password

Dance company PADI DAPI Fish
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