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About the company

"PADI DAPI Fish" is Klaipėda's dance company which was created by group of artists named "Fish Eye". The main aim of this company is to establish professional work in contemporary dance in Klaipėda and Lithuania. The company is exceptional and famous for interdisciplinary work that aims at connecting contemporary dance with different disciplines from various art forms to cultural heritage.

Dance company "PADI DAPI Fish" has already earned his name in cultural life of Klaipėda and the whole Lithuania, it's productions are nominated and awarded for various prizes. The company is always looking for new ways of expression, working closely with artists from different disciplines. "PADI DAPI Fish" is often performing in international festivals including USA, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Norway, Denmark, Russia and China and is a member of European networks (Kedja, Identity Move etc.). 

The company  pays attention to different audiences. Members of the company organize dance and movement therapy with the disabled children, educational workshops "Dance Breakfast" created to help children and parents spend more time together and work with their creativity, seminars, art camps, open rehearsals. Together with "Fish eye" the company organizes an international arts festival "PLArTFORMA".



2012 Agnija Šeiko, "The Golden Stage Cross" for the best choreography of the year;

2012 Agnija Šeiko, "The Thanksgiving Mask" for the best dance performance "Wasteland";

2015 Agnija Šeiko, "Borisas Dauguvietis earring" for decade of interdisciplinary work.

Dance company PADI DAPI Fish
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